clps trying to access chat logs while offline?

i dont know where else to put this =c

but clps.exe tried for hours yesterday/night to modify some chat logs in a temp folder. I think they are chat logs… it’s what d+ said clps was trying to modify, each time i blocked it, it renamed what it was trying to access… like chat xbvncbvn etc etc…

everything was sopposed to be blocked and offline…

vaclps also tried to do things.

driver installer also popped up several times, while not installing or removeing anything. all devices for connection were disabled…

For what driver did the installer pop up? When does this happen? When Windows starts?

If I remember correctly, clps.exe is something to do with Geekbuddy.

it did this consistently, while trying to update CIS and cfpconfig.exe ran in multiples… with all devices disabled, includeing bluetooth. It was not a driver, but chat.log

I’ve had to completely wipe the drive after i lost internet ability, and windows tried to shutdown without asking it too, etc etc… i’m really, really mad… i loved comodo, and Geekbuddy, now i’m unsure of what to do…

I am not convinced clps.exe is the source of your computer’s problems. I have seen various posts of yours that are indicative of having serious problems with your computer. In your posts you are embracing various explanations, some are very exotic, in trying to get a grip on what is going on.

If your computer is still experiencing those problems please start one topic with a short and concise description of current symptoms.

My initial estimation is that you are either bugged by a patching virus or there is something not quite right with your hard drive. To deal with a possible patching virus do an off line scan with Dr Web’s Cure it Live CD. To check the status of your hard drive download Speedfan and check the SMART status of your hard drive and have it analysed online.

it’s geekbuddy :slight_smile: [url=]info[]

TY for your recommendations, i’ll get some cd/dvd’s today and try it out!

This event occured at boot-up or install of comodo.

It repeated at diffrent times on more then one pc at the time.