I’m not finding where I can maximize the window where the remote desktop is shown (see attached image).

Was this planned or is it a bug?
There’s no way to expand the view… or at least to expand in a different window.

Honestly, the default assigned space for the remote desktop view is not enough to provide a quick support.

[attachment deleted by admin]

if you click and drag the bar with the computers name on it, a new window will open

Thanks! :-TU

Did you find out that all by yourself, or someone else told you?
I dont think the current way is intuitive. There should be a button for this purpose.

no problem.

I think Ionut told me, i completely agree the current interface is unintuitive and hard to navigate and i told them that.

here is some feedback from the small amount of time i used this;
  1. there really needs to be an option to change the screen size when connected to a client, the small screen is really annoying.

  2. maybe change the interface. it didnt feel intuitive

  3. when connected to the client, my system really seemed to slow down.

ill wait for a new build and really test it out and give some more feedback

1. you can drag an item from the session list and drop it out of the parent window. 2. improvments are on the pipes 3. the system running the clinet application or the system running the technician console?

Thanks again.
I guess this should go into the Wishlist.

Maybe a Mod can help us moving this topic there? Thanks in advance.