Comodo Cloud Whitelist is to reduce the popups. Cloud has its merits & demerits. To reduce the popups, CIS has Cloud Whitelist, that means to reduce the popups you have to be connected to net, offline you will get popups.

Is Comodo Cloud working properly all the time???

Coz I reinstalled CIS & tried all the Cloud Whitelisted apps number of times but everytime they are autosandboxed & few popups. These are Cloud Whitelisted apps & they are not autosandboxed & give no popups. Even the online lookup says unknown.

Comodo Cloud works properly all the time???


i have the same problem. evn though i am connected the net i still get quit a few popups for trusted apps that i know are in the cloud.

I don’t if this would help or not,
You can post applications that should be trusted that are getting pop-ups

or for whitelisting games

I had already mentioned trusted/safe files in comodo cloud whitelist so no need to submit them again.


i to have already submitted mine. thats how i know they are in the cloud

If any of these programs have been updated, they will need to be added to the safelist again.

This way there will be many entries in the trusted list for the same apps. I think if an app is trusted its updates should also be trusted.

Anyway, none of the programs have been updated. By the way today everything is working fine.
So I guess sometimes cloud is not active so this kind of prob.


Hi Naren,

You reported unknown apps last time here:;msg439895#msg439895

Can you please share with us what new applications you installed since then and what is your unknown list?
I will appreciate if you can provide SHA1 of submitted files at least so we can check if they are already white listed or not.

As you are wondering about cloud, it will help understanding if you encountered cloud issue or apps are really not white listed.


The apps I had reported & were later whiteslisted by the cloud, I am talking about those same apps.

I think it was the cloud issue or the cloud was inactive at the time when I ran those whitelisted apps.

Now everything is working fine. No popups for those whitelisted apps & all those apps are in the trusted lists.


I agree, but apparently the devs do not. Because currently, that is exactly how CIS behaves. An unknown app runs and is sandboxed. You trust it so you either say not to isolate it again or move it to the trusted list manually. All is well until you update the app, and the whole thing begins again.

If you happen to be a programmer and are continually compiling new builds of applications, each and every build will be considered untrusted and the sandbox will want to grab it. If you again tell it not to, it adds another virtually identical entry into your trusted list. I say virtually because of course to Comodo, each new compilation seems to be a new application because it is a unique SHA1, but to the user, all they see on the trusted list is numerous entries of what appears to be the same application.

Each new compilation is also sent to Comodo to check out.

The only way to combat this is by giving an application that frequently changes the Installer or Updater security policy.

Not a very elegant solution all around. :frowning: