I’m having firewall only component active, no Defense+.
How’s possible that shortly after setup has finished I got an alert about possible malware file via cloud service?
I don;t understand cloud. Moreover that alert probably was false as the file seems as regular executable of QuickTime.

As I was chosing the firewall only choice at setup time, I didnot expect CIS will care anything except network traffic ??? Any explanation about this? Thanks

When you are certain it is QT executable please submit is as false positive as described in How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !.

Comodo’s logic is: since there is cloud look up to assess unknown files why not tell the people when the file turns out to be malicious? Not telling would be a disservice to the user.


as this file was already considered as f/p by Comodo, this is no more concern. I only wanted to know why Comodo firewall cares for local files. I don’t want any security software analyzing my program files files since it decreases Windows performance. Is it possible turn off cloud to CIS only take care of network traffic?

As in you don’t want D+ just the network firewall?

Yes ewxactly I have D+ deactivated as I have chosen at setup time

i have D+ deactivated, i only installed the fire wall only part.

the cloud popped up any way and said the my pc calculator was a trojan, lol, i thought cloud was de-activated when D+ was de-activated,

i have Avast free antivirus, i want to know how to turn off cloud too.

Can you please report it as a false positive here.

How did you disable D+? What happens when you disable Image Execution Control and untick boxes associated with it?

um i did not touch anything when i first installed, D+ was off by defualt, cuz i only installed the firewall part of it, to hard for me to explain, right now

done, it was not part of the pc any ways, it was one i found 2 years ago , it was nice because i can make the calculator really big so my eyes can see it .