Cloud Whitelist

Does Cloud Whitelist updates automatically?

i.e New version of products in the cloud whitelist updates automatically?

I’m not sure I fully understand your question. Can you please provide some additional context?

Let’s do a little “recap” :

Local TVL : updated once new versions are released
Cloud TVL : updated once a new vendor is eligible for TVL, since v5 that’s really better…
Cloud Whitelist : An example : You execute an unknown file then it’s submitted to lab, the file is analyzed and they put it in good files or bad files (in the cloud). Cloud is really great but there is also cloud issues …

Btw, I did not fully understand your quetion ^^

EX - VLC 2.1 is in the Cloud Whitelists. VLC 2.2 is released.

How the new version is added to the Cloud Whitelists?

Ahhh it needs to be resubmitted because it’s sha1 changed from previous and new version.

So the process is manual.

Submission is necessary or Comodo themselves too try to keep the lists updated?

I think they try to do it, but note that if new version is released then you’ll have sandbox popup and the executable will be submitted and again added to whitelist …
They also work with a “watchlist” but I cannot tell you what do they do with.

And how does TVL works?

Suppose vendor infowork is in the TVL, does this means any apps from infowork & their newer versions will be trusted?

Yes. And if you find a vendor which is not in TVL you can submit it throught the forum (the request takes a few hours to be done).

OK, so TVL is one time things & Whitelists needs resubmission, right?

TVL = Digitally Signed only?

Cloud TVL : things are always whitelisted (digital sign only)
Local TVL : It’s the same and Bogdanr said they try to put the new vendors from cloud to local on each cis versions to fix cloud issues.
Cloud Whitelist : Individual hash (sha1).

Wouldn’t it be good if they also make a Trusted Lists like TVL for the most popular safe programs, something like Trusted Lists Unsigned Apps?

It will help in usability & cut down resubmission, wot say?

Or this approach can be risky?

Oh, I do not know sorry ;D
But this valkyrie can really help them IMO even if it’s an analysis system and not human …

Yes, Valkyrie is amazing.

Waiting for Valkyrie to be implemented in the cloud. It will change/improve many things, right from detection, FPs reduction, usability, etc…

Thanxx for all the info & time.

:o ???

We will be back at square one as they have no digital signature to check the integrity of the file in the very first place. We will only have a single person’s assessment of the credibility of certain web sites.

It will throw us back in time a decade where you think you download an application from the web thinking it is a certain application only to find it is another application (possible malware) or the sought application infected with adware or worse… :-X

OK, Got it.

Thanxx for the explanation.