Cloud Statis Indicator Ideas.

I thought since a lot of people seem to be talking about cloud status indicator that maybe they should put a little cloud on one of the corners in the interface were if you hover the mouse over it would say Cloud scaniing for realtime is enabled. Thats my Idea on how they should do that.

I also saw talk of some Registry key thing for the cloud scanning. Can anyone give me more detailed info on this?

Already a post on this board and egemen said they were going to intergrate it in 5.x ( after 5.0 was released ). Let’s hope they will do that in 6.x.

Yes, cloud option is very useful and we need a cloud status indicator in CIS.

Something good : Cloud status button in the UI
then you click on it and you can see : How many safe files are currently in whitelist same in blacklist and also how many unknown files are being analyzed.

And how many users are connected.
Latest detection, world map representing infection rate…