Cloud servers down!? Any words from Comodo ?

Hi guys it looks like cloud servers are down nothing get submitted from CIS for me and another user (hcracker) and everyone I think.
And I did have a look at this page and as you see only 1946 of Unclassified malware and no any Heur.Suspicious détections added yet …
It’s quite simple to understand : Nothing is submitted to CAMAS (i.e unknown files)…
Can anyone from Comodo give us some infos about that ?

PS: note that usually CAMAS detects about 15K/20K malware per days …

Hello skywar.

Cloud servers is up and running.

Unfortunately, do not know what makes you think cloud servers generate only Heur.Suspicious signatures.

Cloud servers generates UnclassifiedMalware signatures and signatures with specific names also.

Heur.Suspicious is just most “alarmistic” case.

Thank you very much for care about us.

Thanks for reply … The only problem is that when I submit unknown file it fails ???
look at here.

This issue has been fixed.

Thank you very much for reporting.

In general, file submition depend on network, so it can fail in some cases.

Are you experiencing same issue now?

I will let you know in a few minutes once I’ll submit samples.


Ok, it seems fixed, thanks :-TU