Cloud scanning

I am a comodo and computer/internet ‘Newbie’…

  When I scan it asks me if I want to 'enable'/ use Cloud Scanning and quick or full scan amongst other things.............. 
  • I dont know wether to use it or not …
    Can anybody help ?
    I have separate anti-malware etc etc systems… My computer is a 1gb ram Dell using windows XP Pro
    O/S. I am on 3g broadband supply. (V.slow download speed =0.45mbps) Long full scan time…
    Tired Chris

I don’t know what you mean by quick scan as there isn’t such a thing in CIS.

Cloud scanning will allow CIS to check a questionable application against Comodos online database. This will give you the most up to date results. Virus definitions are only released every half an hour or so. If something has been classified as bad between updates, that information is available in the cloud.

As ‘HeffeD’ said, you should enable cloud scanning since it is the most up to date data base.

You should do a full scan once a week, and quick scans every day.
At least, that’s what I do.

Are you using the the stand alone cloud scanner?
I’ve never used it myself.