Cloud Scanning Option in Version 5 D+

There is an option in D+ to enable “Automatic scan unrecognized file in the cloud”.

I have enabled the option but I don’t see any feedback for the result of cloud scanning of the unrecognized files in my PC.

Is there any result feedback to user for the cloud scanning in D+?
Where can I find the feedback?

Have a look in the logs, I don’t have it installed now but I think you will see details under Configuration Changes.

You need to select More from any log screen to find this.

Cloud services seem down from what I can see of it… :-\

I’m asking for the cloud “scanning results”, not the “configuration change”.

No cloud scanning results can be found :-[

I have the beta installed again, is this what you wanted?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes, something like this. Thanks.

The cloud scanning in D+ is a great feature. It’s working now.

Apart from this log records, I hope there could be some cloud scanner summary statistics either on the summary section or in the D+ summary section.