Cloud Scanning for On-Access scanning?

I haven’t seen any Cloud Scanning option under On-Access part. Does this mean cloud scanning only works for on-demand scans?

It’s automatically activated in on-access.

I think it works for the RealTime scanning as well. If you check your log viewer, you’ll probably see some files described as “Scanned Online and Found Safe”. Mine has some and they weren’t manually scanned.

realtime has cloud signature and behaviour both??

do you mean antivirus logs??


  1. I believe so.

  2. In my logs, I find it under D+ Events. My Antivirus logs haven’t been populated yet. I haven’t run into anything to get flagged.

Here it is.

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Thx for sharing. This explains everything.

thanks bequick for pic that shows cloud scanning is integrated in realtime scan.

this cloud antivirus alert you also get if you dont install comodo antivirus. i have tried the beta without antivirus and got this cloud antivirus alert with the quarantine button greyed out coz no antivirus installed. this shows that cloud antivirus alert is generated through defence +. thats why i asked L.A.Grizzly does he mean antivirus logs. coz if the cloud alert is generated through antivirus then it should be in the antivirus logs. i think devs should clear this whether realtime antivirus has cloud sign and behaviour.


OnAcess i.e. realtime:

1 - You have cloud scan rght before the process execution. It will detect if there is a virus.
2 - IF it is a new file that is absent and unknown, it will be uploaded to CAMAS and behavior will be analyzed imemdiately. After maximum 15 minutes an evrdict will be returned. As in the attachment above. It means this file is analyzed REALTIME.

@1 means CLOUD in all alerts/reports. CloudBehavior means CAMAS based behavior analysis. CloudScan means known malware in the cloud.

OK what i understood from this is that realtime scan has cloud scan i.e known malware in the cloud - 1st point

cloud behaviour is for unknown file which analyse the unknown file and give verdict in 15 mins - 2nd point.

so if i keep firewall and antivirus and disable D+ and sandbox i will only get cloud scan and not cloud behaviour analysis. cloud behaviour is for defence plus sandbox related, m i right??


It’s part of defence +