Cloud scanner

If I only install the fw and d+ and the cloud catches something, will it be able to remove it since the av isn’t installed?

it will delete it without the AV it cannot quarantine.

If the AV is not installed and the cloud detects it, wich component will delete it?

defense +

There’s a YouTube video where the reviewer found himself with the situation the OP presented.
He didn’t find an option to delete, or anything else… check minutes 29 and 35 of the video.

After the guy dismisses the GeekBuddy help offer, The next pop up offers to Clean or Ignore.

Clean equates to Delete, Ignore has a few sub options.


With all respect, the dismiss of GeekBuddy is irelevant.
Afterwards there’s no option to deal with the threat (even if it’s in French it’s quite clear).
I understand that without the AV module installed there’s no obvious cleansing tool. But in that case the cloud scanner should have some sort of back up.

I’m using CAV (no FW) so this situation doesn’t worry me. But this thread alerted me to a serious flaw other users might (will) find. It should be adressed.


Nettoyer means clean, which equates to delete.
How are you not seeing this?

Bad Frogger, when the reviewer clicks Nettoyer (Clean) an Antivirus window will open (but the AV is not installed) and the only cleaning option is to use Live Support.

First, an apology. My bad.
I don’t read or understand spoken French, at any functional level.

I could see the Clean button, and as I have always had the AV installed.
The Clean button has always worked.

Silly me and common sense, believed something as simple as delete/clean button should work
without the AV installed. Especially since the GUI offers the button.

So I uninstalled my AV to get at this in English. Disappointed I Am.

The Answers -


The User.

You are correct.
After dismissing Geek Buddy offer, then clicking Clean. Instead of just deleting the file, they have one more go at selling Live Support. If you select No. You’re on your own.

If it is a programing hurdle/shortfall or marketing B.S. I’m not sure, but it is disappointing. :-TD

OK, so it is nice that even without AV installed Comodo gives you some extra warning/protection.
To handle the situation, the user without AV needs to look at the List of infected files from the
Live Support pop up, navigate to the files location manually in explorer and delete the files.

My conclusion. Life is easier with the AV installed. YMMV.


Thanks for your input Bad.