Cloud scanner statistics [CIS 5]

Would be nice to see some statistics about the cloud in Comodo’s interface, pe:

Number of people in the cloud (Global value)
Events Analyzed (Global and Local value)
Programs Examined (Global and Local value)
Suspicious Activities Detected (Global and Local value)
Malware Blocked (Global and Local value)

anything else?

I think COMODO should make use of Threatcast. Maybe it can be developed as Norton insight. Cloud comunity can be more useful.

I have the same opinion.

Also, some sort of notice when files are being uploaded to the cloud.

I agree :wink:

i have been waiting for them to start using this since i came to comodo at 4.0

me too

( !ot! I thought it worked like that in the first place (for threat cast) . I guess I was wrong. !ot! ) BTW I agree

+1 I agree

I think that would be great! from comodo to do also something like norton insight! if comodo does that it would be freaking unstoppable!

Yes and most of the norton innovations are being “copied” by their competitors (and this is good). I mean norton is a good factory of ideas.

actually norton copied others in this instance. I think the first company to offer cloud decisions was emsisoft, they have OASIS, then came comodo with threat cast, then norton insight, and lately it has been kaspersky.

Yes but IMO norton did it much much better.

but threatcast has yet to work for me and like lordraiden said norton has done it better

norton has a much larger install base though

For allot of moth’s here I never had an alert showing the scores from threatcast. Comodo seems that they are not looking so much attention to it.

We will put the cloud statustics module with an update after this release guys.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: excellent news

I’m in the Cloud as long i will be able to keep the beta running.
Hope this will help :slight_smile:

Great news egemen.