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I suspect this will be moved and labeled “not a bug,” but I am posting it here because, by definition,it is a bug imo. When I install Comodo, I always choose Firewall protection ONLY. I love Comodo’s awesome firewall but I can’t stand the Cloud Scanner. It is far to paranoid for my taste. So when installing Comodo, I have always chosen Firewall Only,and the configuration, when checking it in the tray, is set to Firewall Security,but yet I still get alerts about malware. Why? If I wanted comodo to alert me of malware, I would enable D+, but I want Nod32 to alert me to suspicious files, and if I have doubts about Nod32s analysis of the file, I want to run a manual scan of it with Malwarebytes. If I am still cautious for what ever reason, I will upload it to virus total for a detailed analysis. However, under no circumstances do I want comodo to alert me about anything other then ingoing and outgoing Internet connections.

I am running Comodo 5.5.19 and this has been present atleast in every 5.X version released so far. I believe it was present back in the 4.X series to.

So aside from fixing this with in Comodo itself, can some one tell me if it is possible to completely disable the cloud scanner?

This sounds more like something for Wishlist - CIS board.

If I understand you correctly you have D+ disabled. How did you disable D+?

Here is a check list of places where to look to disable cloud:
How to disable all cloud functions of CIS?

In the AV:

In Defense +

The wish list thing is debatable imo. A firewall, by definition, “is a device or set of devices designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is frequently used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass.” This is a definition from Wikipedia since the wording fits what I am trying to emphasize. A firewall is not a software, in this case, to detect what is malicious in nature but to simply limit ingoing and out going connections. As it is Comodo will alert me to an incoming or outgoing connection it believe to be executed by spyware, and that is fine to me because it is not asking me to clean the file. Rather it is simply asking weather to block,allow, or “treat as.”

You asked how I disabled D+. As I stated, during install, Comodo asks you what level of protection you want. I can not remember the exact context but there are three options. One of which is installing Comodo’s Award Winning Firewall Only, one says something about Comodo Firewall with Maximum Proactive Defense, and I forget the third option. During the installation I choose the option regarding Firewall Protection Only.

Here is a check list of places where to look to disable cloud: In the AV:
As stated I have installed the firewall ONLY. I do not have Comodo AV installed. Again, it is just far to paranoid. I appreciate the development of the app, and I hope some day it will be more reasonable as to what it flags as malicious. Right now it is like a paranoid schizophrenic that thanks every one and everything is out to get it.
In Defense +

Thank you! That seems to do the trick! For the record, this is not intended to come off as an angry rant. I truly believe this fits the definition of a bug based on few key points:
  1. A firewall is about allowing or blocking network connections, not scanning files for malware.
  2. If I choose Firewall Protection Only during set up, no further configuration of D+ should be needed. It should be 100% disabled.
  3. When clicking the tray icon for Comodo, it insists D+ is disabled. Since these cloud scanner settings are part of D+, then this qualifies as a small portion D+ still enabled.

Thank you again Eric. As usual, you are very prompt in your responses! Keep up the good work!

Comodo Firewall, and a group of other firewalls, also contain a socalled Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). With Comodo that is called Defense +. A HIPS looks under the hood of Windows at how processes work and interact instead of looking at network traffic.

The D+ component comes with a cloud look up function. When the cloud detects a program as a virus the user will be told. It is Comodo’s point of view to not withhold that information to the user even when the user is not using the Comodo AV.

If you want to fully disable D+ use Deactivate Defense+ permanently(Requires a system restart). That will completely disable D+; moving the slider do disabled does not fully disable D+.

If you are going to move this out of bugs, could you atleast merge it with the wish list? Thanks!

Maybe I am just old school, but the fact I am downloading “Comdo Firewall” should be sufficient notice that I am only getting a firewall. Follow that with the fact that during install I choose Firewall ONLY it should be further evident form the descriptions of Firewall Only, Optimum Protection, and Internet Security that I am accepting the risk. As the old saying goes, three strikes and your out, so why can’t a pop up be initialized further warning the user of the risk. If the user chooses to proceed with Firewall Only security, then completely disable D+. Ideally I would rather see D+ removed and put in Comodo AV where it is is basic logic to expect soemthing like this to be included, but I imagine the chances of this happening are pretty much 0 :p. I love the level of security Comodo offers, but it is totally misleading to let the user choose there security level and then force an extra level of security on them they shouldn’t be expecting in the first place.