Cloud Scanner Alert !?

Hi, I have been running the basic firewall software without any issues until today.
I’m attempting to install the FloorPlanPlus software downloaded from the vendor’s website (-see link below)

Note: Link disabled. Change hxxp to http to download.

… and am getting the following alert when I try and run the installer:

Comodo Cloud Scanner Alert name: .UnclassifiedMalware@1 Location: C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents ... More Information: Unavailable

I have not allowed Comodo to clean or ignore this. I have just quit the installer.
FYI, the installer download is in excess of 30Mb.

Could anyone please advise whether this is a valid alert or a false positive?
Any assistance or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Please check the full path name via hover your mouse over the location;

If you know the file that is in question you may report the file as a FP…

Hope this helps

Kind regards

Hi ridgedale, welcome to the forums.

I downloaded the ZIP file & took a look at it. Fortunately whilst the overall size was 30MB, the file in question (FloorPlanPlus 1.0.exe) is fairly small. Comodo’s CAMAS didn’t make anything specific of it (undetected - suspicious/probable), but VT had an older result with 3 detections from the 3rd. I reran the VT analysis and it now shows 16 detections (see below).

My advice would be to report this to Comodo and see what they make of it. You probably should also advise FoorPlanPlus’ vendor/author, as there’s obviously something up with this.

kail / Jacob,

Apologies for posting this in the wrong place and thank you for your feedback.

I will do as you advise, kail.

Many thanks again. :slight_smile: