Cloud scanner alert continuously pops up.

The cloud scanner alert continuously pops up. I have tried everything, and the only thing that works is exiting comodo. What can I do to stop this behavior?

Which kind of alert are you getting ? is it a malware detection alert from cloud scanner ? Need more details please.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

It is this alert: Antivirus, Firewall, Defense+ Sandbox, Internet Security Alerts | Internet Security v6.3

But instead of saying Comodo Antivirus Alert, it says Comodo Cloud Scanner Alert.

It is incessant. No matter how I respond, it keeps comong back and popping up.

Can you disable the cloud scanner (alert) ?

With what malware name is it calling the file? Also, is the file it is popping up about part of a program which you trust? If so which program is this?


It is calling it a hacktool. It is not from a trusted program.

Most importantly, this file is deleted; but matter how i respond, the alert keeps popping up.

Can you disable the cloud scanner?

You can disable the cloud scanner, but I would not recommend it. Disabling that should not be necessary in order to solve this.

Does adding the file to the AV exclusions stop the alerts?

The file has been deleted, but I still get the pop up alerts.

How do I disable the cloud scanner?

Thank you.

What is happening is likely that another part of the program continues to realize that the file is missing. It then continues to try putting it back. The best approach here is to add it to the exclusions. Are you able to do that?

That did not work. How can I disable the cloud scanner?

Disabling that would also disable the functionality which automatically scans software and verifies that it is safe. Thus, disabling it would likely cause more programs to fail in the future and decrease the functionality of CIS.

However, if I remember correctly, trusted files will not be scanned. Thus, making sure that the file is added to the Trusted Files List should be able to stop these alerts. Please check and see if doing this solves this problem.