Cloud scan


Everyday I try to do a test of CIS vs malwares … I have a folder named “Malware” where all malware downloaded from the internet are here.
Then I scan them with CAV and submit not detected samples.
But if I want to see the cloud scanning I have to create a scan profile with the folder and then press the scan button. So I created a new profile who normally has to scan C:\user\spywar\desktop\Malware
The problem is that it doesn’t scan this folder CAV scans Windows files and ProgrameFiles(x86) … But not the “Malware” folder. Why ? thanks

Hi spywar,
Run a scan function, if smart scan is used only critical areas are scanned.
If you are running a full computer scan and that particular folder is missed, please check that you have not accidentally added that folder to the Antivirus Exclusions.
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Hy captainsticks,

I will test that tomorrow and if the problem is still here I will try a complete reinstallation.

I hope V6 is gonna fix that : Scan throught the cloud with right click scanning.

Did the reinstallation bring any new insight.

When running a scan with “Scan memory on start” enabled it will scan the program active in memory and the scanner will show up the location of these programs.