Cloud Scan (Profile Scan)

You can create a profile to scan in the cloud.

But if you scan a folder with rightclick scan (this only scans with local databases, right?) & then create a profile to scan this folder in the cloud, it isn’t scanned. To scan it in the cloud you have to uncheck the option scan optimization in the profile. Why you have to uncheck scan optimization? I think AV should notice that the previous scan was local only & this scan is cloud scan so scan optimization shouldn’t affect this cloud scan, right?

Is this a bug or m I missing something here?

The scan optimization will see that the folder has been scanned (with the latest databases) and added to the Cache. The next scan sees that the files have not changed and thus does not have to rescan them at all.

Also, it seems for now that the Cloud is as part of this optimization process as “the local scan is augmented with a real-time look-up of Comodo’s online signature database. (from the online help file)” Even with disabling the optimization, I don’t believe that every file is sent to the cloud for scanning but maybe only those that are questioned when compared to the local database.

But disabling optimization in profile cloud detects malware.