cloud scan alert

Win 32
Comodo 6.3
I got an alert i may be infected and saying i should cloud scan. Does this mean my firewall is sending data to the cloud, I thought i had disabled it. How can i make sure there is no contact with cloud unless I choose
Can i get that alert back to screenshot it, i closed it

Alerts should be available in the logs.

not the screenshot though. where do i check if the cloud is enabled?

True but you should be able to get the necessary information from it, unless you specifically want a screenshot of the actual alert… I think the only way is to trigger it again, however you do that.

ok well all i want now is to disable all cloud

You should be able to turn it off through the Advanced Settings > Security Settings > File Rating > File Rating Settings … unless I’m mistaken.

I uninstalled it. The icon top right ran live support and wanted it to run at start up.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have no idea what that window is… ??? Never seen it before…

it is the cloud scanner alert. I am not sure if it is connected to cloud or if it just runs every so often. It says 340 days since scan. I did not like the icon top right. It did not say what it is. Clicking it ran live support and i got an alert from winpatrol it had decided to run at start of pc and add itself as a quick launch icon.pretty sneaky. i got rid of it. Nothing runs on my pc unless i decide. if i want cloud i will get it

I think its Comodo Cloud Scanner, a discontinued product.

It is indeed.

if discontinued why was it with comodo 6?

It doesn’t install with Comodo 6.