Cloud Scan Alert & Unlimited Rights popup

When CIS full suite is installed & Cloud Scan Alert is there, one can Delete, Quarantine & Ignore.

BUT when CAV is not installed then on Cloud AV Alert one can either Delete or Ignore the detection. Quarantine is not possible coz there is no CAV & therefore no Quarantine feature. I think there should be an option on the Cloud Alert to add the detection to Blocked Files which can act as Quarantine feature in the absence of CAV. Average Users need this. Wot say frds…???

The Sandbox Button on the Unlimited Rights popup is confusing for Average Users coz when they read the Recommendation to Sandbox, they Sandbox it without knowing the consequences. I think the Unlimited Rights popup should be like other popups with More Options & Few Options & Sandbox Button should be in the More Options. Wot say frds…???


There should be also an option to automatically block.
I think this is very important for the people who do not want the slowdown of an antivirus (local blacklist, every single file is scanned), but still have the protection and usability of the cloud blacklist (only unknown files are sent).

I wish CIS uncheck this item by default.

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Many installers will not work when sandboxed due to the access rights restrictions. It makes more sense for this to be enabled by default.