Cloud lookup of unrecognized file isn't automatic (even if configured so)?

I downloaded Microsoft’s Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools from:

When I ran the downloaded file, Comodo popped up an alert that the file was unrecognized (a bit of a surprise since this is and old utility). The program wouldn’t run and aborted. I clicking on the link to the file in Comodo’s popup which took me to the Unrecognized Files listing. I selected the file and clicked on Lookup. The file was found to be safe, marked as safe, and removed from the list. A 2nd run of this same file proceeded without incident.

Under Defense+ tab → Defense+ Settings → Execution Control Settings tab, the following options are enabled:

  • Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files
    [*]Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud

Okay, so why didn’t Comodo do that? When the local database of known files didn’t find this file and D+ figured the file was unrecognized, why didn’t it then do the automatic cloud lookup? That would’ve eliminated me getting the D+ alert, the program from aborting, and me having to do a manual lookup to find the file was safe and then do another execute of the file.

I thought the cloud-based stuff was supposed to be automatic, especially if I configured its options to be automatic.

I downloaded and ran the file and it was recognised as safe. I think you bumped into a temporary hiccup of the cloud look up.

Except that several such events (where the file was unrecognized) over a week’s trial did NOT result in a cloud lookup. After seeing that Comodo didn’t recognize the file, I’d go into the Unrecognized Files list, select the files, and click on Lookup. In the first few tests, the files were whitelisted (in the cloud) and then the local database got updated. Eventually there were a mix of files by an install where those that were unrecognized had some whitelisted in the cloud and some weren’t, so only some of the files were whitelisted but I still had to click on Lookup to find out.

Do you use “clean pc mode” or “safe mode” for defense+? Or paranoid mode?

Clean PC mode