Cloud AV

Do you guys think that Comodo will ever use a pure cloud av instead of having both local and cloud signatures.
is there any advantage to having local signatures?
are all the local signatures also in the cloud or is it only newer ones?
It seems like the av would become lighter on system resources if it did only cloud signatures.
i know that local signatures are good for cleaning a pc but thats what CCE is for

what are your thoughts on this?

For systems not connected to the Net.

I can’t remember where, but I seem to remember that Comodo was planning on eventually incorporating an option to just use the cloud and not download local signatures.

Don’t quote me on that, but it does sound familiar. ;D

I wonder how that would affect detection. I know if its not detected then the sandbox and HIPS would kick in.

yes i remember reading that too. it was when v5 was in beta but i dont remember who or when they said it.

i would love it if they gave the option to just use the cloud

I, on the other hand, since long ago have configured Comodo by firewall rules to block itself from connecting to the Internet. Thus I have solved the problem of the sloppy trusted vendor list and confidential file uploading reported by other members in the forum.

No “cloud” for me. I prefer a clear sky after all.

i personally dont have a problem with the TVL i have all the software i want installed already. i am not going to install anything i dont need and the cloud would make things even easier and lighter on the system. i personally would use the av if it was cloud based

Comodo did have a cloud scanner that has been discontinued.

I personally would have to switch AV solutions if Comodo went strictly with cloud signatures. I don’t mind having the cloud as a way to ensure you have the newest signatures between AV database updates, but having an AV that relies completely on an internet connection just does not look very secure in my eyes. There are too many factors that can interfere with your connection.

yea you r right but thats y comodo should give the user the choice. local or cloud. thats what i have always loved about comodo is its abitlity to customize to anyones liking