Cloud AV unable to delete files in roaming-directory

I am using the newest CIS 5.8 beta but I have had this issue withthe official versiond too.
I don’t currently use the antivirus-part of CIS but it is still using the cloud antivirus. When I test test my systems defence capabilities and launc a malware file like netprotocol.exe CIS restricks the file and cloud antivirus says it is blocked. The file that is actually elsewhere has now copied (or is it Windows) in the roaming-foldet and CIS vloud antivirus gibes a popup saying it can not remove the file from thr roaming folder. Why?

Please post a Valkyrie result after you upload your file there. Any screenshot please?

I think it is not a single malware type problem but it can not remove malware files copied to Win 7 64-bit roaming directory at all. And the question is about the cloud scanner part of CIS, using only the Firewall and defence+ components.

I have seen rebiew videos in youtube the same probles is in other av software too like in this recent Trend review where a lot of malware files are left after a scan.

When you reboot the computer does that change anything or does it stay the same?