Cloud Antivirus #1 in PC World Comparative-Is this a joke?

Panda: 99.4%
Avira: 98.9%
Avast: 98.2%
MSE: 97.8%
AVG: 95.8%
Comodo: 74.6%

Why would it be a joke lol?

Well, i have tested it a weeks ago and the results were very, very disappointing.I cannot see how this product can improve that much for about a month. :)))

Did you read the review of CIS? :o 88)

Yes.:slight_smile: Stupid review :smiley:

Well, as we all know it depends on how many and which samples you test of course… but if you look at who’s the blog from, you know enough I guess…

[b]Panda Cloud Antivirus[/b] Simply… Evolution

!ot! I wonder what happens if we say : Hey, I’ve tested some av’s and here are the results :

  • Comodo 100%
  • Kaspersky 75%
  • Avira 50%
    -AVG 4%
  • etc

can you imagine the nb of spammers we’ll get :stuck_out_tongue:

Let they do their testing and let Comodo keep working on their product. In the end, it’s the real life result that matters !


That review makes me bristle up >:(
However Free product is another choice but can’t replace paid product.

(Or PCWorld co-ordinated with paid program ?)

I just tested panda today check out how it did (at the bottom of the first post)

I’ve watched it.In fact, Panda cloud did it bad, as expected:)))

Since they say it does not rely on downloaded signatures but checks everything on their servers, what happens if their servers go down? Or worse, are taken down by hackers? This sounds like a serious weakness to me. It also seems like it would be a bandwidth hog and cause problems for gamers and people on slow connections.

Exactly and even worse what happens when malware gets in and kills your internet connection.

I tried the free AVG Link Scanner , which works pretty much the same way. It was great until one day, the servers could not be reached and my browsing slowed to a crawl. I no longer use it.