Closing tab closes CID

i had to redo windows and installed CID, but things are different now. before i closed a tab and ut went to speed dial, but now it closes CID.

did i do something different or wrong?

i also find i cannot add a link to speed dial by clicking an empty place holder anymore too.

i’m still updating windows OS and not done CIS and wondering if all the spam links added to speed dial is caused by CIS not yet installed. i would have thought CID would block the popups better (as it did before) and not allow spam to speed dial?

thanks for any helps. things may be better with CIS installed, but that wouldn’t explain the speed dial problem.


i see what is happening

when i paste a link into CID it auto adds that page tp speed dial. i’d rather it not do that and it didn’t do it previously. how can i fix it?


the browser closes on tab closing seems fixed by a new install of CID. there is no right clickable place holders in speed dial…only the links added. i find things added to speed dial stuff like visited pages.

i’d like to have back the previous speed dial setup. it was simple and click an empty space and paste the link.


spoke too soon. if i have a page opened and close the single open tab…CID closes. at first install it went to speed dial, but now it’s closing the whole browser?

The speed dial shows recently visited pages. Just hover your mouse over the left corner of one and you can ‘pin’ or ‘unpin’ one of the links. Hover your mouse over the right corner of a speed dial link and you can ‘remove’ it by clicking on the X button. You can also drag them around with the mouse to position them where you want them. You can also drag a link onto a speed dial position by holding down the mouse button after clicking on the icon immediately to the left of the address in the url bar and dragging it over an opened new tab on the tab bar, then drag it to the desired position.

To stop your browser closing when you close the last tab, do this:
Type about:config in the URL bar and hit Enter. Accept the warning.
Search for:
Change the setting to ‘False’.

thank you for the response. i’m usually multi-tasking and no time to investigate config settings. i’ve x-ed quite a few. will try pinning . is there some way of disabling the auto add to speed dial feature and a method of adding dials manually?

i tried going to some previous websites i wanted to speed dial and they were not added to speed dial. how can they be added?

not sure i care for how that works. it may improve after learning more, but on first experience…i’d like better controls over a speed dial add. like maybe a button to add a link directly to speed dial?