Closing ports in Comodo

Prior to installing Comodo I was using Windows firewall on my XP Pro system. Doing an online Quick Test using PC Flank (About | PCFlank) resulted in a notice that Port 80 was open and vulnerable. I shut down the Windows Firewall and installed Comodo. I did the PC Flank Quick Test again and this time no warning about Port 80, but a new warning about Ports 135 and 139.

How do I close these ports in Comodo, and are they potentially dangerous?

Thanks, Ozman

PC Flank is a joke for one. Go to Shields Up. Are you behind a hardware firewall? That is your best and first means of defense. If you simply run the stealth port wizard for under the firewall section of Comodo. Chose the option to block all incoming connections and apply them. Then reboot and retest.

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Have a look at THIS thread by toggie for some excellant advise.


Thanks for the two replies - I will follow up on these tips. I forgot to mention that I connect to the internet directly and that my wife’s machine connects through mine on an ethernet LAN (not using a router, but modem on my machine only) I am concerned that if I block all incoming connections it might also block my wife’s machine from internet access and printer access - also the disabling of Netbios might do the same.


Are you running your machine as a Windows ICS host? If you are, the rules for CFP can be a little more involved than if you were the only machine talking to the Internet.