Closing a few ports - need help!

I ran the Shields Up!! test and I got some minor problems, that I’d ask you to help me with.

Ping port is open, I can receive TCP-packets and port 113 is open.
I read about port 113, it appearently for IRC and some kinds of E-Mail clients use this port as well. Should I block this? and how?

Thank you (R)


Firstly, are you behind a router or a modem/router?

The reason I ask this is that Shields Up is actually testing the first responding device it finds at your external IP address. If you use a router, that’s what Shields Up is testing, unless you have all ports forwarded.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Modem and router (D-Link Dl-624)

Since you are behind a router, you are testing the D-Link instead of CF.
To test CF go in to your router settings and set your PC in DMZ, or just connect your PC directly to your modem when you do the port scan.
Good luck.