Closing a Comodo Cloud Account

I created a brand new Comodo Cloud account but have decided I don’t need/want to use it (as I have other options). How can I close/delete the account?

I log in and try the Account Management link, but the screen comes up completely blank.

I see no way to terminate the account. Any advice?

(Forgive me if this has been asked and answered. I have not hit upon the right keyword combo to find my answer in this forum or elsewhere.)

I used to have the same Iggy64.

The Answer I got from Comodo Support was to leave it. Don’t log in and the account will be deleted after a certain amount of time.

It should say accounts get removed if you don’t access them for Comodo Cloud (Edit It’s 90 days of no account log in)

Hope that helps you



Thank you very much, Nigel.

Did you happen to notice whether your account actually did disappear, and how long it took?

I guess I’ll find out for myself, if I remember to come back and check it. But maybe I shouldn’t try, because if it lets me in, it will be detected as a transaction and keep the account alive longer. Oh, well.

to be honest I’ve not check but It’s been about 90 days and 90 days if account is not used of Comodo Back-up.