Closed Port not Stealth


I have done I scan of ports with shields up! and have given all stealth me except for the port 22 SSH that this closed.
I must router D-Link and I have read in some forums that have this problem (I suppose that it is the port by which it is acceded when router). I can say that I am totally safe if in addition to router I have comodo firewall?

P.D: Sorry, I do not dominate to much the English.

Bye, friends.


Hi, no problem, my teenager speaks english very well and I still don’t understand a darn thing HE says. :wink: If you are testing with your router then you are getting router results more than likely. If the port is closed AND you have CFP, you are just fine. This is used mainly to log into a computer over a network remotely so if you aren’t going to do this just keep it closed. :wink: