Closed app - logged attempts - honest...

Came home today and checked my CFP log and saw two allowed UDP packets from Utorrent.exe (which I haven’t run in weeks) from my static ip [port 1690] to my DNS server [53].
Other than AV and Comodo no other apps were running at all.
Can anyone explain this anomaly?

As always,
thank you very much for your time.

I think you should ask yourself who else have access to your PC while you are not at home…

I know, I know - it sounds crazy, but no one was here. Two packets in a row, within a minute of each other, no applications running - no one home.

If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t believe it either. It’s crazy.

Had me trippin’ so hard - I’ve since ran every single scan under the sun (Avira, F-secure, SAS, Kaskpersky, on and on…). I have no idea what the frick transpired…

Weird indeed, temp solution will be to change action from Allow to Block for torrent rules while you do not using App.

I usually Remove the rules completely (and a few others) when I’m not using it - then when I fire it up I just “treat as” Utorrent PreDefSecPolicy…and the one time I don’t : guess what.

I am stymied, and since it defies logic - there’s probably no logical explanation.

If someone told me that their phone rang while it was off the hook, I wouldn’t know what to tell them either - and would probably suspect stupidity, insanity or some hybrid.

I guess I was hoping for an “Oh, that? That happens every so often when blah blah blah”

I swear to FSM it really happened (:AGL).