Cloned drive C but old partition on destination drive is deleted

It seems I ticked clone drive and MBR when I did my first backup and now the existing partition and files on the destination drive (external hard drive) aren’t there any more,

problem is that the destination drive is one Terabyte and the one I cloned is on 150 gig so all the other space is unallocated - how can I access this data - should I re- partition the drive?

I have attached screenshot in wordpad - disk 2 is local disk F i.e. external hard drive.

I have made a mistake here does comodo backup allow to reverse the process?

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Cloning is a sector-by-sector copy from source disk/partition to destination disk/partition.
So, all data on destination disk where drive F: is has been overwritten. This is not a reversible process.
To recover some of the old files that were not overwritten you can try to use third party tools from internet. There are many free tools, but no guarantee that any file will be recovered.
In the next release will add an explicit warning to avoid this confusion.