Clone the complete HDD with CB

Hey all :slight_smile:

I have someone who wants to make an entire clone of their main HDD and then copy to a second.

  1. Is it safe and secure to use mirror dis/partition?

Yes, it is.
I personally used it a few times at home with success.
The only risk is that the entire data on the destination disk/partition will be overwritten.


That not a problem. They want to clone their main HDD to their secondary HDD.

When I select the disk what do I select (step 1), do I select what do disk to copy?

Select the source disk in backup step 1 (main HDD) and the destination disk in backup step 2 (secondary HDD)


Okey. I asked since I wanted to be 100%; I can’t experiment on their HDD :D.

Does the destination HDD need to be an internal HDD? I asked since I tried with my external HDD but it didn’t go.

Nice feature btw :slight_smile:

No, but the destination hdd needs to be equal or larger in size than the original.


So it will work if I make my C 150GB? Would it be possible to change that so that the destionation hdd has to bigger than the OS size?

You can’t clone a partition to a disk or a disk to a partition.

If you want to clone C: drive (partition 150GB) the destination partition has to be at least 150GB in size or bigger. (You can manually increase the destination drive or decrease the source drive size)

If you want to clone the entire harddisk, the destination disk has to be equal or bigger in size. The size of a hdd is visible in Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Computer Management → Disk Management and it can’t be increased.

To answer your question, you can clone C: partition only if the destination partition is bigger in size.
I’m not sure how big is your destination partition.


my C is 596GB but only 50GB is used and that’s the essential part.

My external HDD is 250GB

Then the answer is yes. It will work.


Thanks for answering :slight_smile: I will give it a try and report back. I wish I knew about this features before.