Clips of your favorite movies

It would be a good idea to post a link to Wikipedia and/or IMDB followed by the link to the clip.

I’ll give the go with Delicatessen Delicatessen (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

Delicatessen - Rhythm - YouTube


A Fish Called Wanda A Fish Called Wanda - Wikipedia

- YouTube

Time Bandits Time Bandits - Wikipedia


The Hitcher (the original, not the sod remake) The Hitcher (1986 film) - Wikipedia

Cool scene - The Hitcher - YouTube

Bullit Bullit - Wikipedia

- YouTube

Here’s a few :slight_smile:


Pulp Fiction:


bill + ted: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Wikipedia


“Be excellent to each other”. - Bill S. Preston, Esq.
Harvey is superb

300: 300 (2006) - IMDb
Braveheart: Braveheart (1995) - IMDb
Outlaw: Outlaw (2007) - IMDb

Videos (trailers) inc. in links.


The Wanderers The Wanderers (1979 film) - Wikipedia

- YouTube

Leon Léon: The Professional - Wikipedia

Léon : Scéne finale contre SWAT - YouTube

The African Queen The African Queen (1951) - IMDb


    "One thing in the world I hate: [b]leeches.[/b] Filthy little devils". -Charlie Allnut

Wonderful choice gleach. I wish I had remembered this.


Donnie Darko Find - IMDb

           "Donnie: I made a new friend today.

Dr. Lilian Thurman: Real or imaginary?
Donnie: Imaginary."

My all time favorite movie

You’re a handsome devil, what’s you’re name ?

Interesting and funny.

Grosse Pointe Blank - Wikipedia

The Fly The Fly (1986 film) - Wikipedia

The Thing The Thing (1982 film) - Wikipedia