ClipMate 7.3 Incompatible with Comodo Firewall

ClipMate Clipboard Extender Version 7.3 Incompatible with Comodo Firewll.

Today, I download and successfully installed the latest version of Comodo Firewall. All of my software works except one utility, ClipMate Clipboard Extender 7.3 (

If I uninstall Comodo Firewall, ClipMate works just fine. I have added ClipMate to “Define a New Trusted Application” and I have tried every other possible change/workaround to allow ClipMate to work properly, all without success.

When I try to start ClipMate, I get the following error:

“Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report to author.”

I have researched this issue using Google and have even searched for the error message verbatim, but I cannot find a fix/workaround for this issue. It is hoped that this issue is addressed and resolved soon as ClipMate is a valuable addition to my computer. Until it is resolved, I have no choice but to uninstall Comodo Firewall as I really need the ClipMate Clipboard Extender.

Hi joS3ph, welcome to the forums.

I’ve been running ClipMate 7.3 with CIS 3 for sometime on Vista/Win 7 x32 without any issue. I’ve just checked ClipMate’s settings in CIS and I have it set-up as a Trusted Application (all settings on Defense+ are set to Allow for ClipMate).

Me too! On XP Pro SP3, admin account.

Best wishes