Clipboard issues by CIS 5

Seems like clipboard viewer applications are unable to control clipboard because of CIS 5.0 which prevents further chain of clipboard viewers to proceed with clipboard.
I suggest to coders to read more about clipboard interception and message processing. Esp. remarks section.
Start with WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD, WM_CHANGECBCHAIN, SetClipboardViewer, and Using the Clipboard section.
I guess because of lack that knowledge you miss the rest clipboard viewers in chain.
If only you wouldn’t used PEC i would find your mistakes in code and pointed the exact place in a minutes. But now it’s up to you to read Microsoft docs and add proper Post/SendMessage(Timeout) in window handlers as well as fixing other bugs/inconveniences i posted here.

Don’t forget to read SDK/DDK/WDK for functions you use for shared global objects even in R3 to avoid being such an amateurish with handling even mere clipboard (not speaking what happens to objects in R0 - hope there’s better checking in that part).

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I allow you to fix what’s not related to policy and leave wha’t related to programming and other stuff that can understand only the coders/developers not anyone who thinks there’s violation of smth.
Send developers here and then we’ll discuss the rest of it.

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Those unrelated to development can just have an idea of what’s happening to clipboard on their systems and amaze.

denis2 can just fix all he needs and understands and leave the essence of bug report to those who involved in development and understands the point of message.

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