ClientService.exe using 50% of CPU rite while i'm busy .. all the time?

ClientService.exe using 50% of CPU rite while i’m busy … all the time?

it used to be CIS , but it has been good as of late , what i have noticed is CTM , is what likes to run rite after my computer wakes up from a sleep . ?? it should run while / before systems sleeps , or in background properly , not rite as i’m sitting down to work and it can run up to 30 min . I thought it was CIS slows back but it sould seem CTM was doing same too.

I’m running latest update acording to CTM ( version # ending in “.166” )

i have a Athlon X2 64bit(dual core cpu) running win XP MCE sp 3 , 2 gig of ram .

it really kills video processing , especilay when i’m capturing my game engine and it kicks in .

reminds me some times it just starts , and i have removed all scheduled events and such form CTM menu.

i wish there was a dissable CTM . so i could turn it on when i want it on .

  • it also seems uninstalling may be bad thing to do untill i’m done my project .

I have the same problem.
It’s not all day, but many times a day.
My CPU is hogged by ClientService and becomes really slow.
I usually shut it down through the task manager. But of course this shouldn’t be like that.
Is there a way to set the time of this service to work late at night?

I’m not sure this will be possible… You always need to change a snapshot and CTM must be on.
Anyway, there is a mysterious “log off” option.

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We have fixed this bug in new beta release!

Thanks & Regards

Which is “log off”? Change the user?