Client re-assurance

I have a client who is looking anti spam service for their Exchange server. They have a small server (20 or so users), part of SBS 2011, and have been pulling email from their web host provider. We are ready to process the MX change to handle mail directly. They are looking at adding anti spam to the firewall versus a cloud service (my preference). I like the “looks” of Comodo’s offering and have applied for the 10 user free trial (I maintain a test Exchange server and domain). The problem with that test is the low volume of mail that it gets.
Bottom line, I am looking for some reference type information to show the client about Comodo to re-assure him. .

Hi Lou,

As the product manager for ASG I can tell you that we have hundreds of domains and thousands of users currently having their email filtered by us. I can also tell you that there are Comodo departments also having their email filtered by ASG.

As an ex-sysadmin I hear what you are saying and I will ask a couple of our users if they will vouch for us :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I should probably add that I have been configuring/testing my free trial and like what I see. I am still adjusting thresholds. Might be worth while if you gave some suggested starting points.
Question, if I may. My test Exchange server, running in a virtual machine, gets turned off from time to time and I was pleased to see that all email was cached and then forwarded when the server came back up. What is the time limit or storage size limit on that “hold”?


The default spam thresholds suit 99% of organisations 99% of the time and you will probably only need to adjust them on an ad-hoc basis so there aren’t really many recommendations that I can offer (our 2 in-house ASG instances run under the defaults).

There is no time-limit on the mail spooling and I believe there is also no size limit.

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Thanks, it has been a while since I posted the original question.
I just want to follow up and say that I did get a couple of private emails supporting CASG. I have spent almost a month running a trial subscription on a domain created for that purpose, forwarding all emails from another domain. I am favorably impressed and am opening an account for one of my clients. Being in the slow group, I have had my share of “learning experiences” and asked a few questions. Support was fast (even on a Sunday) and excellent. I do have a question about whitelists but will start another topic to address it. Thank you for your support.


You’re very welcome.

Contact us anytime you need help (even on Sundays :))

Quick add-on. Got this message from my client:

“The Comodo SW seems to be working well- you made a good pick.”


Glad to hear it Lou :slight_smile: