Clicking on Page Layout in Excel 2007 causes CIS 3.8.64263.468 BO Alert

Vista Ultimate 64bit SP1
Other security: SAS Pro
Steps to reproduce: Start Excel 2007. Hit Page Layout tab
Defense mode changes: D+ control level: normal
Using admin capable account. UAC is enabled.

How do I generate a CIS report, btw?

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Hello, snappingturtle

This could be result of memory leak in EXEL,
however we’ll try to reproduce and investigate this behavior.


The problem still exists.

CIS 3.13.121240.574
Windows Vista Business 32-bit SP2
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 SP2

But in my case BO alert appears after the second click on Page Layout tab (i.e. click on Page Layout tab → click on another tab; any other actions → return to Page Layout tab → BO Alert).

I just upgraded to win7 and office 2007 and I get this the first time I click on Page Layout. It happens with the new excel format or in the 2003 format, small workbooks or large ones.