Clicking on a tab to switch instead forks off a separate window instead

I have auto update turned on, so I can’t pinpoint a particular update that might have started this, but recently I have noticed again and again when I have a couple of tabs open and click on one of those to switch to that tab that instead it forks that tab off as a completely new window. It doesn’t happen every time, but it happens often enough that I notice it it every day or more than every day. This started perhaps a week or so ago. I don’t believe I’ve changed my behavior recently that might have started this.

Currently using under XP.

I have not installed any other applications just prior to this starting, but I have done the usual continual bugpatch updates for things.

Has anyone else seen this?

Thanks fo all your work

Hi BillSimpson,
If you accidentally drag the tab off of the tab bar or to the end of the tab bar it will open a new window.
Please check for a possible sticky mouse button.

Thanks for the idea. I did just check that and I don’t believe it is a “sticky mouse.” I did think there might be the tiniest “twitch” of the mouse position in the process of clicking and so I tried to really yank the mouse while clicking on a tab, moving a good fraction of an inch. That was not able to reproduce forking off the new window, but I’ve had the window fork twice in the last few hours without trying to make it do that.

Hi BillSimpson,
I would still consider trying another external mouse for a few days if you have one available.
Sorry I have no other ideas why this is happening.

After weeks of trial and error I FINALLY tracked it down and am able to consistently reproduce this.

The dragon window was not quite full screen on the second monitor. The reason it isn’t full screen is so that several other windows can peek out from behind the right edge from for quick access. The top of the dragon window turned out to not quite be at the top of the monitor, even though it was so close that you could not see this, even with close inspection.

That means that the tiniest bit of vertical motion as the mouse is landing on a tab and is instantly followed by a click to switch tabs is enough to make dragon think I am throwing the tab off the window and that makes it fork off a new window instead of just switching tabs.

So now I drag the top edge of the dragon window beyond the top edge of the monitor and the annoying problem of forking windows instead of switching tabs goes away.

Hi BillSimpson,
Well done on finding the cause for this annoying problem and thanks for posting back your findings. :-TU
Glad that you have found a way around this.
Kind regards.

Unfortunately the problem is not gone.

Concrete example: Stretch the size of the CD window until it is taller than the size of the monitor. Drag the top edge of the CD window until it is barely beyond the top edge of the monitor. Now it stops flipping off windows every other time I try to switch tabs. Close CD. Open CD or reboot computer or log in again or etc. A new CD is started. And CD or Windows realize that I must have lost my mind by having the top edge of the CD window slightly above the top of the window last time and it “helps me” by repositioning the top edge back below the top edge of the monitor and the flipping windows are back.

Google gives me hints that it might be possible to turn off this “drag tab” feature, but I have not been able to track down specific directions that apply to CD that will allow me to turn this off. Does anyone know how to turn it off? I’d much rather give that feature up and avoid the flipping window problem.

Thank you

Hi BillSimpson,
Sorry the issue persisted.
The following extension with the settings shown in the screenshot could solve the issue for you.
One Window
After adding it to Dragon, go to Menu, Tools, Extensions and choose options for the extension to change settings.
Edit: The only disadvantage is that you cannot have more than one Dragon Window open except for incognito windows.
With this extension setting all New Windows will open as New Tabs.
Kind regards.

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Wow. Well I guess that is one way to keep from forking off windows, it just them fork and when it realizes a second copy of CD has started it just pushes them back into one.

I think that will do.

Thank you for your help. It is impressive to find an actual fix for something now days.

You are welcome, I hope it works as expected.