Click Here For Instructions On How To Vote For CIS Wishes

All wishes which have been created by forum users, and are capable of being forwarded to the devs, can be found in
this section of the forum.
Visit That section to vote for CIS wishes.

Those wishes which receive at least 15 points out of the first 20 votes will be added to the tracker. However, if the wish has not received enough points, and there are not enough votes left for it to possibly accumulate enough points, it will be moved to the Rejected section. Also, if a Wish does not receive the necessary points within 6 months it will be moved to Rejected.

If a wish receives too many negative, or neutral, votes and is moved to Rejected for those reasons it cannot be resubmitted (meaning a new Wish Request topic can be created for the same wish) until at least a year has passed since it was moved to Rejected. However, if a Wish is moved to rejected only because it sat for 6 months and did not receive enough points, that Wish can be resubmitted (meaning a new Wish Request topic can be created for the same wish) after only a month has passed from when that Wish was moved to Rejected to when it is resubmitted.

Below is an explanation of the point breakdown.

Yes Vote = +1
Maybe Vote = +½
No Vote = +0

Also, do note that the developers only have so many resources that they can devote to enhancements. Thus, if there is a wish which you would really like to see implemented, and another that you are not so sure about, it is advantageous to vote for the one which is most important and either not vote for, or vote against, the wish which is not as important. That will ensure that the devs devote as much of their energy towards those wishes which are most important to the forum users, and do not waste it on enhancements which are not as desired.

Also, if you find a Wish Request which already has 15 points or cannot possibly accumulate those points within the remaining votes, but has not been moved out of the Waiting Area, please send me a PM notifying me that the topic is ready for processing. In your PM also include a link to the Wish Request in question.

Thank you.

This process has been updated as of 5/20/2014.
All remaining, and future, Wish Requests will be processed following the process described in the above post. However, those Wish Requests which have already been forwarded to the devs, or moved to Rejected, will not be re-evaluated.

Thank you.