CleaverCache [RESOLVED] in latest CIS 5.10

How do I get rid of Defence+ always reporting on CleaverCache ?
se pic

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Hi Gladnir

I assume the action is accessing memory(can’t read the localized language), if you trust this application to let it access CIS in memory you could allow an exception.
Open Defense+ Computer Security Policy, Comodo Group, switch to the protections tab and select ‘Interprocess memory access’ and then ‘Add’ the CleaverCache to that list.

But as I’m not sure what that program does I can’t say if that is good or bad to let it access Comodo’s memory regions.
Is it possible to exclude cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe from cleavercache intervention to prevent these actions?

CleverCache is just an advanced RAM cache optimizer… ur tip don’t work cis still blocks mem access from CC :slight_smile:

CC can’t be configured to exclude programs >:-D

This should work, it works also on other memory accessing tools.
Did you take this route?

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yes and cis (defense+) still reports having blocked (many) intrusion …

Did you reboot?
Does this tool have more executables?

Yes, and yes again se pic

Oh the counter on blocked intrusions did reset on reboot it was up in around 6k :o

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Can you please verify, I installed the trial on a VM (XP, 32bit version) and it did hit the memory access at first.
After I added OO…exe to the exceptions the issue was solved.

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Don’t work… even rebooted W7_x64 but counter still ticking :o

Oh I have CIS 5.9.221665.2197 x64 installed and ClerverCache x64

Okay I’ll try it on x64 see how that works.
Do you have any custom profiles on CleverCache or stock config?

k tnx - no only default on CC

same result, what settings are you running CIS?

Firewall on safe and Defence+ on learning mode

Please note that training mode should only be run for very short durations, as it will create ‘allow’ rules for everything. Even malware.

from my experience of RAM optimizer = crash due to low available ram and high system require so umm just advice don’t use it .

btw did you guys seen new google logo looks cool .

Is there not a flamewar tread on RAM optimizers somwere on this forum? :wink:

nope (:KWL)