Clearing the submitted files list

Is there a way to clear the submitted files list?

To clear the Submitted file list.

Search for this file submit.n
It’s here normally C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\database
Delete it and restart your CIS. ( or just restart your PC )
Then the Submitted file list is clear again.

To clear the Log list.

Open your CIS and open the Defense+ tab, press on the View Defense+ Events link.
( or you can just go via View Firewall Events link in the Firewall tab )
In the new window press on More… button.
Next window press on File, in the upper left corner and press Clear
Under Logs per Module, press on one of the Events and see if they are cleared.
And do the same under Other Logs, if these logs under here is not cleared, just press File and then Clear.

Then is ALL of the logs cleared again, every one of them, ready for a fresh start.

And THANKS for a Great Firewall. :-TU
( have posted this tip on another thread also, for better Search results )

Best Regards Ohke

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