Clearing the cache and/or other browsing data

It often takes a very long time to clear the browsing data from the Options/Under the Hood page (same as dragon://settings/advanced page).

When I just want to clear the cache, is there any reason not to navigate to the Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default\Cache folder and just delete all f_xxxxxx files?

I can not find how to clear the cache quickly while using comodo icedragon! Which by the way is the most superior browser i have used & is highly recommended now among my gaming friends. tks for any feedback ;o

…in dragon, you can navigate to the clear browsing data page & bookmark it to your bookmark bar so it’s 1 click to get there - unfortunately there is no way to do it in a mozilla browser

what i did, is set both cd & cid to not save anything, & to clear when browser is closed, & on top of it all, set both for private (incognito) mode - over-redundant or downright irrelevent, whatever, i don’t save anything - & i use ccleaner too

Also the keyboard shortcut to open the clear browsing data in either Dragon or IceDragon is pushing Ctrl+Shift+Delete simultaneously.

…wow, that is so cool, didn’t know that, works /w/ ie8 too on mine, thanx cap…
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Thanks ultradolby1, it might be a universal shortcut. :slight_smile: