Clearing Firewall and Defense Logs in 4.1

I have upgraded from CIS V3 to CIS V4.1 and have found it be very good.

However, I’ve noted that I’m unable to clear the Firewall and Defense Logs in V4.1 unlike CIS V3; is there a way to do this. since log-files take up unnecessary space when they should be backed-up to storage media, I would like to be able to clear all the logs.

Welcome to the Forums, Mikey12.

Currently there is not any way to reset/clear the logs.
Log size (as found in More/Settings/Logging tab shows the log size to be only 20MB in size (not very big).
Alternately, you can reduce this size from the same screen mentioned above to a size you feel more comfortable with.

John Buchanan,

Thank-you for your welcome to the Forums and helpful response.

Now that I know how to solve this issue, ( I’m guessing others will too, ) it seems unnecessary to add a “Clear Logs Function” to CIS, it’s once less thing for me to think about, which frees me up to do more important things like surfing the net.

Once again, thank-you for your assistance.