Clear button in Quarantined Items


I think the “Clear” button in “Quarantined Items” (Antivirus) should be renamed. Without reading the manual, I assumed this might have cleared (cleaned) the infected file rather than deleted all.

Maybe change to “Delete All” or “Clear All” but not “Clear”. Personally, I don’t think this description is “clear” enough :D.




And that pun was good!

Yep, I agree…Get rid of the “clear” button. One of the following options is much better:

  • Label it “delete all” (as suggested above) - this is much more self explanatory than “clear” (I had to look up “clear” in the help file also!), or
  • Remove the button completely…it is redundant. The user can easily select multiple entries or blocks of entries and then hit the delete button.

+1 :-TU

No not the second one, being in malware research group i do need a clear (delete all) button.
But im all for the first one!