Cleanpc mode issues, endless popups,8.3 naming format bug again?(V3.0.13.268 x32


First of all every issue I had during beta testing was solved in the final. For me it works like a charm. Good job dev team. But as I can see not everybody is as satisfied like me.
For example my brother.

After upgrading from 2.4 everything went hell on his pc with the endless attack of the popups. The only remedy was to uninstall it. :-[

  1. CPU Pentium 4 D 2.66 GHz, EM64T

  2. Windows XP sp2 32 bit version.

  3. None

  4. Despite being in clean pc mode (default after install) nothing is learned except files in comodo folder and some predefined system files. Most of the started applications fire an alert and not just the first time. For example firefox. It will continuously fire alerts till cpf is disabled. Ticking ‘remember’ has no effect. (a rule is created, but it is in the 8.3 naming format /clue1/ and is totally disregarded by the firewall.) and unfortunately this not only happens with firefox but with almost every app on the computer. And most of the rules created is in the 8.3 format. Even its own cmdagent.exe (it is learned on every bootup thus resulting infinite cmdagent.exe rules)
    There are some exceptions though, which are not saved in the 8.3 naming format but they still give an alert which shouldn’t happen in cleanpc mode. The built in diagnostic utility does not report any corruption.
    steps to reproduce it: install cpf v3

  5. uninstalling the not working firewall. uninstalling BOClean and CAVS and CMG (in case there are conflicts). Running CCleaner several times. Rebooting between the above mentioned. despite all these after reinstalling cpf it still doesn’t work.

I thought this 8.3 issue has been fixed in the final. For me it has gone (:CLP)
I don’t know what causes it, but a lot of people in the forum are reporting similar symptoms to the ones experienced on my brothers pc. And these are enough to turn people away from comodo, which is a superb firewall if it is working as it is intended to. I hope these problems are caused by the same/similar thing and can be fixed soon. If I can be any help hunting down this nasty contact me ASAP.