Cleaning the forum

At the Forum there many not relevant and simply old order. Therefore, I have loaded the Forum. Dear moderators and administrators, please clean the Forum. IMHO, it should be only relevant topics.

Who determines what is relevant and what is not? :wink:


Outdated topics can still contain very useful troubleshooting or cross-referencing information. It would be a mistake to remove these because you don’t consider them relevant. They may be exactly what another user is looking for!

Oh, yes. I undestand. Cis 3.5 outdated. I guess there are mazahisty, who like to use the old software. The last 50 pages of English forum dedicated to obsolete products and are not interested. On the forum 1000 dead accounts, but the administration does not want to make the function deletion of your account. For new users to find the login is a serious problem, since the ubiquitous user names are already taken by other users, not the setting in the account since 2008.

If it runs on your hard drive, yes, they should clean it :wink:

But relevance isnt predictable. Names, who cares.

Edit: 132000 users is not a few, but if names would be a problem allready, what should other companies users say, where there are 40 million accounts or more? :wink:
It wouldnt be desireable that someone suddenly writes with another ones name.