Cleaning reg. not so good?

I recently read a very convincing article (unfortunately I lost the link due to a windows reinstall) that stated:
cleaning the registry can do more harm than good. Besides by removing important reg. entries cleaners also fragment the reg. by leaving holes where removed entries once were. these holes, leading to fragmentation, can actually cause the computer to run more slowly than it would if the registry was cluttered and not cleaned.

I ran comodo reg cleaner then used a highly rated reg defrager from but it messed my computer up so badly windows would not even start and I was forced to do a reinstall. I like the idea of cleaning the reg. but if it fragments it, could it really do more harm than good.

I will try to find the article and post it, but it was a random find by accident.

I view registry defragmenters as things to put excitement in your life as they risk your system with no benefit.

I am wary of registry cleaners also, but they can improve the system after updating or removing or adding applications.

Comodo C.I.S. is just one of may applications / utilities / games that fail to update if earlier registry keys are not purged.
Registry Cleaners definitely help in such situations,
whilst defragmenters can do nothing to help unless they accidentally ■■■■ away residual keys,
but if they do that they probably also take out Windows itself !


ive got about 600 entries to remove, but that would seriously fragment the registry according to that article. wouldn’t fragmentation be worse than a cluttered registry?

“Comodo C.I.S. is just one of may applications / utilities / games that fail to update if earlier registry keys are not purged.”

then they are poorly constructed pieces of software and should not be used.

I found that article I mentioned earlier:

If you are concerned by reg fragmentation here is a tool that suppose to do the defrag.

registry defrag is quick and painless, that program you linked to is great but it is not free, only for a trail. I use this one every week and it works great. I have suggested that a registry defrag option be available in CSC, so I really hope they put one in there becasue it is really useful.

Try the following link …

I use it. It is from MS Sysinternals, and uses windows own defrag system.
It defrags all the registry hives and the swapfile on boot.

They have a whole suite of sweet utilities. :wink: