Cleaning malware

I know CIS 6 is in beta and I have a very important suggestion:
Right now the antivirus just has a clean option.The user has no way of knowing how the clean is done.It would be a lot better if it had options like quarantine,delete,disinfect…
What if a user just wants to delete and not disinfect?There is no way to do that with the current scanner interface.

I agree, if they keep the clean option, and add a move to quarantine and delete option would be nice

+1, Right now, only clean is present I hope they’ll add more options.

yes more options would be good, :-TU

+1 :-TU


Clean means following actions will be preformed:

  • disinfection,
  • when attempt of disinfection fails then it will move file to the quarantine

But add new option like “delete” is not bad btw.

Clean: Quarantines the file and undoes all of the changes done by it

I think this message should change, This message is not interesting.

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I too agree I would love to see at least a delete option added.

I think the message is a precursor to the BB functionality coming in 6.1, that can undo changes made by harmful processes.

You are right, Now I reviewed it again, it was detected by Cloud Behavior (Online BB), I’m using the CIS6.0 like you ;D and saw this message, So I was surprised.

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Would love a delete feature. :-TU

if Comodo add disinfect feature in the future these options would be essential.Hopefully we will get more clarity about the cleaning.Comodo generally gives the user a lot of control.I would also want such options to be available in the rescue disk and also cce.Im sure its not too tough to make them available. :wink: