Clean PC mode/sandbox does not work as expected.

I am not sure if this is a bug but it does not seem right to me.

I have just installed the new version of Firefox in clean PC mode. It did not end up in my pending files but when I run the new Firefox iit asked me if I wanted to sandbox it or not.

Firefox is signed so I would think it should not ask for this reason.

Also, in clean PC mode, I would only expect it to only ask for applications in “my pending files”. I can’t find anything in the help to say how the sandbox is supposed to work in clean PC mode.

If I add the new firefox to my safe files then it does not try to sandbox it.

This is on Windows 7 64 bit. CIS 4.0.138377.779

I tried to reproduce this on Win 7 32 bits but failed.

My steps of testing are:

  • While in D+ Safe Mode delete the rule for FF in CSP
  • Switch to Clean PC Mode
  • Install FF 3.6.3
  • After finishing close the installer
  • Start FF from desktop shortcut
  • With Show balloon messages CIS will show rules are being made
    No sandbox alert.

I have installed other applications without any problems. It was just this Firefox update. I ran it twice and each time it asked me if I wanted to sandbox it. When I selected always trust it no longer asked and now, after some time and a reboot, I can take it out of “my safe files” and it runs without asking.

Perhaps something about the install confused CIS temporarily.

I have no defence+ rules made for Firefox as I have it set not to produce rules for safe applications. This makes me think it was trying to sandbox a safe application.

Just noticed there rules in firewall for firefox so it must not have been considered safe for the firewall.

[Edit] I deleted all rules for Firefox and restarted it and no new rules are created so it is trusted now but was not when I first installed it.