Clean PC Mode question

When D+ is in Clean PC Mode, and a new executable is downloaded, it appears in My Pending Files. In this scenario, what is the difference between deleting the entry in My Pending Files versus moving the entry to My Own Safe Files?

Here is my understanding so far:

  1. If I already scanned the installer at, moving the entry to My Own Safe Files prevents false detection by CAV.
  2. Moving the entry to My Own Safe Files increases the size of the CIS database and slows down the PC slightly.
  3. In both cases, a rule is added to the Computer Security Policy when the new executable first executes.

Help and comments please!

Apparently the installer was not recognised for being safe and the actual program was recognised for being safe.

I usually just remove the pending files after purging the ones that were temp files. I find adding them to my safe files accomplishes little or nothing since they very rarely show up again. I also purge the rules made in the firewall and D+ for those temp files since they no longer exist after a cleanup.